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Creative design and development with an empathy for the target market and considerations towards time and results.

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Creatives with a unique slant or in traditional form. How far out of the-box do you want to go? We are excited to collaborate or work independently on fresh ideas. Give us a white canvas and site objectives and we will develop original creatives that are realistically achieved and deployable within the scope of the project.


Retention of corporate brand and identity. A striving for commonality between visual assets or the development of a fresh departure.

Message Clarity

Form Follows Function | Function Follows Form. Either approach may be the "right" approach. Gatman can provide a consensus-building panel for design validation.

The Traditional Form

Many target markets are best addressed with a simple, straightforward visual design. Some projects are best served by an off-the-shelf template concept that is modified with company assets. A target market may embrace and accept the "clean" visuals more comfortably than a "chromed-out" platform.

Coding In Tandem

Gatman is a design -and- coding web media agency. We are cognizant of the feasibilities of deploying a design - the nuts and bolts of building out code and executing a design that holds up and performs as anticipated. The hands-on experience and skill sets are invaluable in side-stepping discovery issues a later date.

Case Study

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