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  • Gatman provides SEO services to it's Fort Lauderdale and south Florida based customers.
  • Gatman understands the business climate of south Florida.
  • We are local to the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beaches
  • SEO is not a singular service, but a method of site building and coordinated marketing.
  • We do not out-source our services. Meet us today!

Fundamentals & Considerations

    Search Engine Optimization Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beaches
  • New domain names and sites take time to mature. It may take weeks, months or a year or so before a site has “matured” in a competitive space. Google tends to give a “bump” to sites that have been around awhile.
  • General terms may not be as important to “conversion“ as specific phrases. Customers are more likely to search for a specific brand, model, size, color or attribute, rather then wade through a large accumulation of search results of a general nature.
  • What words & phrases your customers may choose to search with - how they search - is a factor in the prioritization of the phrase selection. Input from the client to Gatman gives us a sense of phrase importance to the project and the customer's prioritization of products & services of the company.
  • Regional phrases may be REALLY important. If your service is regional, then people will tend to look for that service based on that region.
  • Conversion May Matter. You may feel that it is satisfactory just to see your company's site represented along with companies in the list of search engine results. But you may feel that it would be better if traffic generated would result in a call, inquiry or “lead”.
  • Many other factors apply including, but not limited to – organic popularity / natural traffic, the age of the domain, quality links back to the site, page coding and site structure, traditional media marketing, web server performance, size of the site relative to the phrase(s) and competitor sites, etc.
    1. 1. Original Quality Content - Matters
    2. 2. The Home Page - Matters
    3. 3. Navigation / Site Architecture - Matters
    4. 4. Organic Traffic and Branding Popularity – Matters
    5. 5. Usability - Matters
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