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Marketing vs SEO vs Conversion – In Brief

    Search Engine Optimization New Jersey & Pennsylvania

    Typically SEO objectives, strategies, and goals are defined as a desire to achieving high page rank (search engine ranking page – SERP) relative to a specific key phrase, word, or topic.

    SEO is part of marketing, but it may not in itself, be a total marketing method for your company. It is a method among many – as part of your company's strategy to develop business and visitor traffic. It may work in conjunction with, and may supplement, the marketing practices of your business.

    On-line advertising, social media and on-line networking, alternative media channels, traditional marketing & advertising, word-of-mouth and reputation, all have the ability influence the site's popularity and visitor traffic. These marketing objectives may be to compel and reinforce the visitor's likelihood of engaging with your company.

    SEO in itself, does not guarantee that a person will click your search engine result link or, if they do, if they will stay on the site - and - most importantly inquire, call or interact in some positive way with your company – now or later.

    Conversion is the objective of getting a direct result from a search result, a site visit, or ongoing campaign.

    Conversion can be “encouraged” by the prospects of:

    1. free
    2. discounts
    3. limited-time
    4. coupons / points building
    5. immediacy of information (Q&A)
    6. immediacy of communicating
    7. simple or one-click action-results

    These encouragements can be reinforced in the site, page titles and page descriptions.

    SEO, Marketing and Conversion can and should be coordinated and attempted in “digestible” easy-to-execute and manage campaigns until such time as there are the resources of oversight, analysis and follow-through to scale up and execute.

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